Gray Matter On My Mind: GMOMMWEB 2006©

George E. Carvell, PhD, PT

Smalldog Productions, Inc®, University of Pittsburgh 2006© All Rights Reserved.

Gray Matter On My Mind: GMOMMWEB 2006 is a Self-Instructional Program in Neuroscience designed for Students and Clinicians interested in Systems Neuroscience. Concepts and Principles concerning Nervous System Structure & Function and Neuronal Interactions are presented with liberal use of dynamic media.

There are several programs that must be resident on your computer to use GMOMMWEB. All of the programs are free downloads: Quicktime Player version 7.x (earlier versions won't work) from Apple, Adobe (Acrobat) Reader version 6.x (or later) from Adobe and Shockwave Player full version 10.x (or later) from Adobe (Macromedia): Get Shockwave for Windows or Get Shockwave for Mac OS 10. Some movies open using Adobe's Flash Movie Player. Like QuickTime Player (7.x), Flash Player (9.x) is a free download. The program requires Pentium PCs running Windows 2000 or XP or Mac Computers (G3, G4, G5) running OSx (version 10.3.9 or later)or Intel Macs running OS 10.4 or Windows XP. 500 MHz or faster processor with at least 256 MB RAM required. The program opens in a browser window: Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.x or later) provides consistent results on both PCs and Macs. Safari or IE may be used on Macs. See GMOMMWEB Instructions pdf for minimal & recommended computer specifications. Print a copy of this Adobe pdf file. Printing is now available for many of the pages in GMOMMWEB. A PrintOmatic 'Xtra' is required. You may be prompted to download the FREE Xtra from Electronic Ink if it is not in the Shockwave 10 Xtras Folder. NOTE: If you run Apple's OS 10 on an Intel Mac please see Shockwave Player TechNote.pdf

Smalldog gives you THREE WAYS to access to information in the GMOMMWEB program:

1. Open the program and choose a topic to study from the list of all topic areas. Click this link: Start GMOMMWEB program

2. Open a Search Engine GMOMMWEBsearch that allows you to locate each instance of a keyword across all areas of the GMOMMWEB program. The Search will list all instances found. Click the link to go to that particular page of GMOMMWEB.

3. Open a Movie List File GMOMMWEB_MoviesCD.pdf in Adobe Reader to browse or search for a particular QuickTime or Flash Movie. Each Linked Movie will open in the appropriate movie player when the movie link is clicked.

George E. Carvell, PhD, PT, Smalldog Productions, Inc®, University of Pittsburgh Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved